Monday, August 4, 2014

On Your Mark.. Get Set.. SHOP

Are you ready for today?  Is your cart LOCKED and LOADED?
It's finally here, that big sale that the teacher blogger world has been talking about for DAYS!

I've been going over my wishlisted items and I think I'm ready.  Speaking of ready.. are you ready to head back to school?  I've been looking at some back to school products that I really need to start to prep.  Here are a few from my store:

I use these in my Interactive Notebooks to help my students complete data analysis
Need them both?  You can go {HERE} and get the BUNDLED SET at a reduced price!

I usually start the year with Algebra, so getting my properties match up cards ready along with
 Express 'Yarself Matey is a must for the first few weeks of school.
Are you already ahead of the game and ready to be really looking ahead?  

Why not pick up my Halloween or Thanksgiving Figurative Language Pack?  It is great practice for the basics in Figurative Language, and by saving that extra 28% now will ease your paycheck later!  There won't be another sale this quarter!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to School Sale- What's on Your Wish List and a Giveaway!

Are you ready for a little Back to School TpT shopping!  Those two awesome days when so much WONDERFUL is on sale is comine soon!  August 4th and 5th to be exact.  My store will be onsale and you will be able to get up to 28% off of all of my products for ELA and Math.
My Algebra bundle will be less than $20 if you use the CODE:  BTS14 for 12 activities, task cards and lessons for your classroom!  That's less $2.00 an item...

Two of my Most Wishlisted items include:

This Interative Lesson includes a book suggestion, Hundreds Chart Lesson applying prime and composite numbers, and a foldable and Lessons on finding the Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor.  My students LOVE this lesson.. no more rainbows, they really see the connection that prime numbers have to these concepts.

My students also love this writing project.  I have done this both at Back to School and as a prject at the end of the year.  Students make comparisions, write a friendly letter, and do reflections.  It is a great project to set out at Open House, and it will give you a good handle on where your students are to start the year.  Most of the project is pretty independent once you get the basics down, so if you have any individual reading assessments to take care of, this is a great way for students to stay engaged.

What's on MY wishlist?  Something AWESOME that just came out from Christy over at Teaching Tales along the Yellow Brick Road.  One of my goals this year is to integrate more technology into my teaching. Christy has created this amazing I-Pad Interactive Notebook product: 
You know I love using Interactive Lessons and Notebooks, and with over 40 different organizers that I can use with or without the I-pad.. I'm in heaven!
Want to see what other great products are wishlisted?  Check out out linky below and don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win some moolah to spend during the sale! We are giving away 3 TpT gift cards! 

An InLinkz Link-up
Sooooo don't you need some extra money to spend during this sale??? We've got your back!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Educents Back to School Blow-Out!

 I am so excited to announce that is having a HUGE Back-to-School Blowout Sale and I am going to be featured in one of the curriculum bundles! From July 30 - August 2 (Wednesday - Saturday), they are bringing back all of their favorite and most popular bundles for INSTANT download at up to 77% OFF! There is something for everyone and it is their BIGGEST sale of the year! Take a peak into what is on sale! Tell your friends, because there is something for everyone who teaches children in PreK-8th grade!

Tricky Math Curriculum Bundle (Grades 3-5) - 69% OFF


I love this bundle because it has an amazing variety of resources!  I contributed by Interactive Notebook Foldable and Lessons for teaching Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor.

This is by far one of my students favorite units in math.
Also included in the bundle are tons of Task Cards for Multiplication, Decimals and Fractions.  Do you use Task Cards in your Interactive Notebook?  Read my post {here} to see how I put Task Cards to good use!  

Lastly, one of my favorite units that is included is the Basketball Madness Pack.  This was super fun during March Madness!  

The sale is on now through Saturday!   You can grab this bundle for only $10.99 {HERE}

Don't Miss It!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two for Tuesday 7/29: Interactive Fraction Games and a Freebie

It's Two for Tuesday Time!  I'm linking up with those awesome bloggers over at the Teaching Tribune and offering two of my products for HALF OFF today!
I know many of you are getting your classroom's Back to School ready.  I'm so jealous of all that beauty.  It's not quite time for me to do that yet, but one thing I have been looking at lately are my Interactive Notebooks.  I seriously CAN NOT teach without them!  Their versitility is amazing for all learning types.
Today I'm offering my Fractions Bundle at 50% off.  That is a mere TWO DOLLARS for Matching Cards,  Interactive Notebook Foldable, and an Interactive Game... seriously, you cannot beat this deal.  Even if you don't teach fractions until later in the Fall or Winter, this great deal is perfect to purchase and put away for later.

The second product that I'm offering is my Fraction Pop-Ups Game.  This Interactive Game is perfect for reviewing Fractions.  Students work can work on simplifying fractions, adding, and subtraction skill building.

Purchase and print this whole group or independent game, and cut out the laminating while you're still lounging and catching up on your DVR'd shows... Seriously, are you still?  I have been binge watching television lately! LOL
Here are a few more snapshots of this game:

Can't bear to print in color?  The game comes in a Black and White version, I simply printed the popcorn in the above picture on yellow cardstock.
A formative assessment practice page is also included, or you could have students complete the task in their Interactive Notebooks.
Speaking of Interactive Notebooks, you can also download this {FREEBIE} from my store
I place this in my Interactive Notebooks at the beginning of the year to help my Smarites practice good Conversation Skills.

By the way:  Don't forget to  leave FEEDBACK on products.  When you leave feedback you earn credits towards future TpT products, and you know the Back to School Sale should be coming up soon!  Stop by the Teaching Tribune for other Two for Tuesday products!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Using Task Cards in your Interactive Notebook

Interactive Notebooks are a known staple in my classroom.  Every subject that I teach uses one in a variety of forms.  Today I wanted to show you how I use Task Cards in my Interactive Math Notebook.

I use Task Cards in a variety of ways.  I create center work when I need to be in a small group, I set them up as an Around the Room activity when my students get fidgety and need space, and I use them as formative assessments in our Interactive Notebook.
I print a set of 4 Task Cards and have my students put them into their Notebooks only gluing or taping down the tops.  SHHHHH don't tell Erin over at I'm Lovin Lit that I use tape in my notebooks!  Sometimes we need to move things around, and glue doesn't always work for me <hee hee>

With some of the groups we underline and annotate key words.  This might be as simple as the operation, or I might have students mark information relating the fractions to the benchmark fractions they have learned.  This is added practice in estimating the size of a fraction.  
I have students work their problems under each question in the notebook.

I always have students write the CCSS at the top of each notebook page, and then write the information in the table of contents.  When students need help with Spiral Review pages, or review for an assessment, they know to look for the corresponding CCSS.  I teach this at the beginning of the year as part of our Reflective Data Learning.
When I want to do a quick formative, I have students grab a crayon or colored pencil and color in a set number of problems under a specific standard.  In my example below an Orange crayon was used and the student colored in 2 problems he would like me to formatively assess.
It's a quick way to check and make sure a student is on track for mastery, and I can also check for patterns and challenge my better math students to choose problems that are leveled for them.

The examples above are from my Wacky Wordies Fraction Task Cards which I have recently updated.  They cover Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  There are 8 cards for each operation.  The answer is provided on a QR code.  There is also a printable answer key for Center or Around the Room work.  You can go {HERE} and check them out or redownload if you have already purchased them!
I would love to hear how you use Task Cards in your classroom.  Leave me a note below and share.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: {7/23} and 50% off a Wish List Item- Salt in His Shoes

Hello friends!  I've been a little MIA this week.  I've been dealing with this:

Moving is not fun my friends, Not fun!

But I'm trying to put the party back into my life, so I've put one of my most wish listed items for sale at 50% off through today.  If you have to introduce Character Education at the beginning of the year my
The story is written by Deloris Jordan, Michael's mother.  She writes about how Michael uses determination and perseverance to become successful at basketball.
I've included a class set of reflective writing quotes for writing. 

These would make a great character ed bulleting board to start your school year, and build a classroom of positive traits.  The pack is only $1.50 through today. You can't beat that!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vegas.. Classic Fun and Friendship

Phew!  I think I've finally recovered from my weekend in Vegas!  Last week was pretty crazy with a long road trip, and then a quick flight to Vegas.  I think I was crazy trying to do so many things!
Vegas, my friends, was an AMAZING time.  I loved meeting so many people, sharing thoughts and ideas about TpT, but more importantly TEACHING!  I learned so many things, and had such a fabulous time.
I had a great time meeting up with some of my BBBs.  Diane from Fifth in the Middle was my roomie!
We are laughing in this photo, because we had just been photo-bombed by Erin from I'm Lovin Lit.
Sorry that one is blurry, I just couldn't resist!

We started the day with a keynote address by some of the behind the scenes people at TpT;  including the founder, Paul, who was so kind and friendly, and Deanna Jump.  She shared a really heartwarming story about why she started sellingon TpT, and I loved the prayer that she shared with us:  "God, if you show me the way, I will do the work."  It was really inspiring to see what a group of amazing minds can put together and create.

I was eager to start the sessions, with such an inspiring start to the day!
By far, my favorite session was Erin's from I'm Lovin Lit.  Even though I've known her for awhile, and we talk frequently, it was great to finally meet her.  She is funny, and amazing, and her husband is too. Her session was informative and I really went away with quite a few things to think about.  I know I will continue to learn from her.  

Here are a few of my BBBs at the Teacher's Happy Hour that TpT hosted.

Finally, it wouldn't be Vegas without the wonderfully weird, and wacky!  Check out this 80's rocker:  
I called him the Light-Bright Guy.. 
Plus I had a chance to go with Joanne {Head over Heels for Teaching} and Holly {Fourth Grade Flipper} to see Shania in concert... FABULOUS!

Stop by and visit A Burst of First and check out all of our Vegas fun!

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